While access to expert EMERGENCY MEDICINE has developed rapidly across high resource nations, in many lower resource communities it is still in its infancy.

EM:RAP Global Outreach plans to change that.

Watch how EM:RAP GO is changing the world

Helping bring Emergency Medical education to the world

5 million people die from injury

globally each year, more than HIV, malaria and tuberculosis combined

Most EDs in low and middle income countries

have no specialty training in emergency medicine

Two million lives can be saved

each year through the strengthening of trauma care systems

How We Help


Granting international conference scholarships to emergency medicine residents in developing programs


Providing free EM:RAP audio, written and video content to international residency programs who need it most


Sending faculty to support developing emergency medicine programs in low resource areas

The Stories

As part of its ongoing efforts to develop a global Emergency Medicine community of practice, EM:RAP GO recently sponsored physicians from across Latin America and the Caribbean to attend ACEP18, the largest Emergency Medicine conference in the world.